Reweaving Community

Our Core Principles:

  • We are all assets ─ everyone has something to offer.  No one knows or does everything and everyone knows and can do something.
  • Some work is valuable beyond market price ─ everyone benefits when we work to support the core economy:  raising healthy children, building strong families, revitalizing neighborhoods, living sustainably, and fostering social justice.  This work needs to be recognized and rewarded.
  • Helping works best when everyone participates in helping and being helped ─ when neighbors join in a circle of giving and getting, we are all stronger.  The community we create offers a greater reward than simply the sum of the work done.
  • We need each other ─ alone, we are limited in what we can achieve.  Networks are stronger.  When we work together, we can build the world we envision.
  • Every human being matters ─ there are no throwaway people.  Everybody has something to offer and has unmet needs as well.

What can we hope to achieve with Time4Time?

Parallel economy: When you do work for someone through Time4Time, you earn time credits that can be redeemed for other services offered by the TimeBank. Services that are important but typically undervalued – such as childcare, rides to the airport or doctor, meal preparation, etc. – receive full recognition in time credits. Time credits can be spent by the individual who earned them, but they can be donated to a non-profit organization, which can then take advantage of the services offered in the TimeBank. Time dollars are immune to inflation, and do not expire. The IRS has recognized time dollars as the only non-taxable alternate currency in the U.S.

Social justice: We live in an economy that assigns a market value to each skill, and that value can vary dramatically, depending on the nature of the skill. By contrast, timebanking is a great equalizer – an hour of one person’s time is equal to an hour of any other person’s time. The concept may initially be jarring, after years of believing that one skill set is more valuable than another. But after the initial shock, the reality – that all of our time is equally valuable, and we all bring something to the table – is deeply refreshing.

Community Building: When we use the time bank, we will meet our neighbors, get to know them, give them a ride, help them in their garden, fix their computer, teach them a new skill – and vice versa. When we work together, we build relationships. To further promote the goal of community building, the TimeBank will organize regular community events (potlucks, dances, movie nights, etc.) to bring us all together in a spirit of celebration. Time4Time also supports broader community projects that further the goals and mission of the TimeBank.